Issue 596: Supplementary Documentation

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In the 53rd CIDOC CRM & 76th FRBRoo Sig meeting, the Sig decided to start a new issue, where to discuss the creation of a section on the CIDOC CRM website for adding documentation for the model –like the table of properties that take the same class as domain and range, the templates for examples, the templates for the definition documents of family models, guidelines for drafting scope-notes, a quick overview of the properties of properties, the small errors checklist etc. Under "Resources"


HW: for the FORTH team to implement that. 

May 2022

Post by Eleni Tsouloucha (9 September 2022)

Dear all,

Please take a moment to revise HW by FORTH for issue 596





In the 54th CIDOC CRM & 47th FRBR/LRMoo SIG meeting, the SIG accepted the HW by FORTH about where on the site should the supplementary documentation appear. Details below: 

  1. Documents relevant for all models, irrespective of their version (new section on the site under Resources):
    Resources\Guidelines and Templates\Templates
    1. Template for family models doc. (issue 384)
    2. Example templates doc. (Issue 493)
    3. Scope-Note Writing Examples doc. (issue 494)

Resources\Guidelines and Templates\Assisting Translations

    1. Translation order proposal doc. (issue 528)
    2. Best Practices Guide doc. (issue 528)
    3. Governance Guideline (draft sketch) doc.  (issue 528)
  1. Documents relevant for editing one particular version of CRMbase & family models and influence subsequent releases thereof (new section on the site under Home)

Home\Editorial Suggestions

    1. Small Edits Checklist -submission form
    2. An anonymized and non-editable copy of Small Edits Checklist -response sheet
  1. Documents relevant only for a specific version of CRMbase (in the Encodings\Classes and Properties Declarations of CIDOC CRM of the relevant version) --to inform Issue 599

Resources\Versions of the CIDOC-CRM\relevant version\column name: Encodings\Classes & Properties declarations (HTML page)

    1. overview of .1 properties per CIDOC CRM version (table for v7.1.2)
    2. overview of the properties of the CIDOC CRM the domain and range of which are the same class (doc for v7.1.2)

Resources\Versions of the CIDOC-CRM\relevant version\column name: Figures

  1. a .zip file containing of all the graphics used in the version at hand in an editable format 

Resources\Versions of the CIDOC-CRM\relevant version\column name: Data Examples

  1. RDF (& TTL) examples for the Winkelmann graphs (HW by NC for Issue 471)
  2. A comprehensive data example for the CRM from the museum Benaki with rich comments about form and contents (from the Old site) <they need be checked first>
  1. Documents conveying information on implementations of the CRMbase & family models in projects etc. –to be updated in a yearly basis
    Community\Activity Documentation
    1. Community Activity Documentation spreadsheet (doc
    2. Google form that generates spreadsheet


Decision: FORTH to implement the above. 

Issue closed


Rome, September 2022