Issue 599: Editorial Statuses of the CRMbase and family models

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The labels for Document Type and Editorial Status are far from self-explanatory. GB had made a proposal to simplify them for Issue 310. The categories proposed and the guideline he had proposed made sense and were supposed to be put to an e-vote following some minor editing. Subsequently, the Sig decided to merge the issue with 354 (which dealt with the overall workflow in proposing alterations to the model and/or implementation) –October 2020. Since then, no progress has been made, if anything the editorial status component of the issue got completely out of scope.

Current Proposal: 

In the 53rd CIDOC CRM & 46th FRBRoo SIG meeting, the SIG decided was motivated to address the issue of the editorial status of the model from the fact that v7.2 appears as a Published Version, but does not come with an rdfs file or any other encoding.

  • V7.2 is superseded by v7.1.2 and v7.2.1 (as indicated by the announcement date).
  • “Official versions” are the finalized versions that are submitted to ISO, “Published versions” are stable versions that can be used for implementations.
  • The “Editorial Status” label is redundant and the overall statuses need to be reexamined.
    • Proposal: Official, Published, Current (i.e., currently maintained), Draft (mainly for proposed models <new extensions that have not been admitted as CRM compatible extensions yet> and for non-stable versions of the CRM.
    • Consider issues 310, 354 for drafting commonsensical labels.
      HW: team at FORTH to propose something


May 2022