Short Intro

With the finalization of the CIDOC CRM as ISO standard, the Special Interest Group pursues the following activities: 

  1. Acting as expert group for ISO in order to maintain the standard and to identify upcoming needs for amendments in the future. The page "Issue Processing" will be further maintained to register upcoming issues. 
  2. Elaborating extensions to the CRM for major domains complementary to cultural heritage information in collaboration with the respective interest groups. In this line, the Group collaborates with the IFLA FRBR Review Group on a harmonization of FRBR and later FRANAR with the CIDOC CRM. Further, harmonization with TEI has been decided by the CIDOC CRM SIG and the TEI Ontology Working Group. 
  3. Acting as a forum to discuss issues of application of the CRM and related issues of semantic interoperability. Of particular interest are: 
         * Mapping of legacy schemata to the CRM 
         * CRM Core: minimal CRM compliant metadata 
         * Supporting categorical knowledge in science museums,ethnology and natural history ("MetaCRM"). 
  4. Elaborating didactic material, training and dissemination


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