Methodology of ontology development

Principles for Modelling Ontologies: A Short Reference Guide

Parthenos / ICS-FORTH

This document is a first draft of an ontological modelling reference booklet desgined to aid modellers developing or extending ontologies intended to support data integration for an empirical research domain

Editor: George Bruseker

Contributors: Francesco Beretta, Maria Daskalaki, Emilinao Degl’Innocenti, Martin Doerr, Ovyind Eide, Achille Felicetti, Anais Guillem, Dimitris Kafetzopoulos, Fahad Khan,  Carlo Meghini, Nicola Spyratos, Maria Theodoridou, Athanasios Velios

Date of Creation: July, 2017

Last Update: September, 2017

Version 0.2

Acknowledgements: Parthenos, FORTH + more



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