Issue 628: Update the modelling constructs found under The Model\Use&Learn\Functional Overview

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In the 55th joint meeting of the CIDOC CRM and SO/TC46/SC4/WG9; 48th FRBR/LRMoo SIG meeting, upon discussing issue 596, the SIG resolved to start a new issue where to discuss keeping the diagrams found under "Functional Overview" up to date with the newest official version. 

A number of figures representing modelling constructs are available through the path The Model\Use&Learn\Functional Overview of the model. They are outdated and need editing. To be brought up to date either with the latest official version that will be submitted to ISO or the latest version of the CRM. No agreement as to what the version will be (a stable vs the newest one), so the decision was to start a new issue, where to discuss (1) the new figures and (2) what version of the CRM they should correspond to. 

How to proceed: 
HW to GB to lead the discussion re the version that the new figures in Functional Overview should correspond to, and to start updating them once that has been resolved. 


Belval, December 2022

Post by George Bruseker (4 May 2023)

Dear all,

An open homework relates to updating the diagrams in the Use and Learn section to accord with CRM 7.1.1.

On the road to that goal, we have had a first pass at re-representing the extant diagrams in an updated style using .

You can find the link to this work here:


n.b.: to see the diagrams you must click the button 'open with' then you must accept many terms, then please be aware that there are some 37 tabs full of diagrams, you can browse them at the bottom of the interface.


We put forward this draft remake of the existing diagrams to get feedback from the community on readability / functionality of this new representation. The content should be the same as it was, if there is a deviation it is likely by error. 

We redid the old diagrams as it seemed like the appropriate first step before embarking on altering them to reflect the new CIDOC CRM 7.1.1 realities. As we created these diagrams we noted where the diagram would change in the new version. 

The proposal here is to solicit feedback on the representation provided here and then hopefully to plan the step forward to create the up to date diagrams based on this discussion.




George on behalf of

In the 57th CIDOC CRM & 50th FRBR/LRMoo SIG Meeting, the SIG reviewed HW prepared by GB (the diagrams under Graphical representation for the last ISO compatible version, namely v5.0.4, re-expressed using CHIN’s library on The purpose of sharing these diagrams with the SIG was to solicit feedback on the proposed representation and create diagrams for the Official version. 

The details of the proposal and the points raised in the discussion can be found here


  • Determine whether the modeling constructs identified in Graphical Representation are still valid for CRMbase Official version.
  • Identify missing modelling constructs that need to be added, for which to create diagrams. The diagrams in the introduction that are not present in the functional overview need to be remade, to ensure that the entry-level information is given before one goes into depth with highly specific modeling constructs.
  • Use&Learn: B. The latest cross reference manual as html hypertext/ a zip file/ a pdf file for downloading can be quickly replaced with the content of the latest representations, found under the Encodings column for V7.1.2
  • Use&Learn: C. The authoritative text, official release of CIDOC CRM (should for now point to V7.1.2, until the ISO compatible version is released).
  • Come up with a plan of work and assign HW to SIG members: GB to coordinate
    • SdS: can validate the diagrams for V5.0.4 (assert that they form valid copies of the original .jpg files)
    • CEO: can check which paths need editing and mark them down for GB to redesign.
    • AG: can help with the redesign and with connecting this work to the Pedagogical material.
    • StH: can help with the redesign
    • FORTH: to determine how the diagrams relevant for each version will be displayed on the site. The exports from are .xml/can be exported as .jpg (for instance).
    • Relabel the subsections of Use&Learn.
  • Tutorial section also needs updating: Youtube channel should be linked to the tutorials, the various versions of the game could be collected.

Anyone who thinks that some resource/material that is relevant for learning and using the CIDOC CRM are to email ETs, suggesting where on the site it should appear under. Or email the list instead.


Marseille, October 2023

In the 58th joint meeting of the CIDOC CRM SIG and ISO/TC46/SC4/WG9, the SIG decided to postpone the issue, seeing as no consensus was reached for 457 (harmonization of the diagrams). However, the SIG acknowledges that the issue needs to be addressed soon. 
It was agreed that the issues identified by CEO and ETs in the existing diagrams (in terms of what needs adjusting) will be reviewed before the summer, so that there is enough time to update the diagrams until the 59th SIG meeting. 
A summary of the things that must be checked can be found here


Paris, March 2024

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