Issue 594: semantically replacing Recording Event and Externalization Event

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Post by Martin (2 May 2022)

Dear All.

Here out of the context of the previous e-votes [*]:

Rnn was remembered in (is memory of) actually means that someone produced this memory. I would rather propose a another property directly of F28:  Rnn included a memory of: E7 Activity.  This is probably much more useful than the Recording stuff we have discussed, is specific to the author, and would help use with the missing documentation activity in CRMbase. It would also help with recording of oral traditions. "Rnn included a memory of:" should be restricted to physical witnesses of the event (or via recording devices).

This would elegantly replace "R20 recorded (was recorded through) ,Domain: F29 Recording Event, Range: E2 Temporal Entity",
and would much better suit the ample evidence of creating memories of theater plays at the BNF collected by Patrick LeBoeuf for the Europeana application of FRBRoo concepts, which included press reports, paintings etc.

It could be more restrictive and be a comprehensive: Rnn created a memory of: . In that case, the "included" would need a specification of the part of the expressions that constitutes the memory.




[*] see Issues 591, 592