Issue 591: Call for e-vote: LRMoo, F29 Recording Event and its properties

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Post by Pat Riva (28 April 2022)
Hello all,

This is the last in the series of LRMoo e-votes relating to topics previously discussed at SIG meetings but not voted on. This discussion was held during the October 2021 SIG without a formal vote, but there seemed to be consensus.


Proposal: Deprecate the class F29 Recording Event, its associated properties R20 recorded (was recorded by), and R65 recorded aspects of (has aspects recorded through).


Reasoning: The properties R20 and R65 as declared in FRBRoo ver.2.4, have issues with their superproperty statements due to changes brought in with CRMbase 7.1. As defined, only the very general property P15 was influenced by (influenced) could be a candidate superproperty that remains compatible with the ranges. The ranges of these properties are very broad: R20 has range E2 Temporal Entity, and R65 has range E18 Thing. These broad concepts of capturing, particularly R65, are much broader than the scope of LRMoo.


F29 Recording Event is unneeded as a class without its specific properties. It is declared as a subclass of F28 Expression Creation, but actually should be a subclass of F30 Manifestation Creation. The F30 and F28 events can operate via recording, but the broader classes can have all the relationships needed to fully characterize the events.


If you agree, vote Yes. If you disagree vote No, preferably with an explanation.

To refer the discussion to a future SIG meeting, vote VETO.

Please vote by May 4, at which point I will summarize for the list.


For reference, the currently approved definitions.


F29 Recording Event

Subclass of: F28 Expression Creation

Scope note: This class comprises activities that intend to convey (and preserve) the features of perdurants in a recording, such as a live recording of a performance, a documentary, or other capture of a perdurant. Such activities may follow the directions of a recording plan. They may include post-production.


  • the making of the recording of the third alternate take of the musical work titled ‘Blue Hawaii’ as performed by Elvis Presley in Hollywood, California, Radio Recorders, on March 22nd, 1961

  • the making of the photograph of the three Allied leaders at Yalta in February 1945

  • the making of the recording of an East Australian humpback whale song in 1994 in the framework of the Oceania Project

  • filming Louise Bourgeois at work in the context of the shooting of the documentary entitled ‘Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, the Mistress, and the Tangerine’

Properties: R20 recorded (was recorded through): E2 Temporal Entity

R65 recorded aspects of (had aspects recorded through): E18 Physical Thing


Post by Martin (2 May 2022)

I vote YES.

Further reasoning in the ISSUE I raised in my previous message.

All the best,


Post by Pat (5 May 2022)

Hello all,

And for this e-vote, I have 5 Yes votes and no negative votes.

I will integrate the changes.

This is the last e-vote to address unfinished issues for LRMoo that were discussed in previous SIG meetings.
At this point we are in a position to pull together a full draft which should be close to stable. I will share it as soon as I can.

Thanks, Pat



According to the outcome of the e-vote, F29 Recording Event and its associated properties [R20 recorded (was recorded by) and R65 recorded aspects od (has aspects recorded through)] will be deprecated. This decision needs to inform issue 360

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