Issue 592: Call for e-vote: LRMoo, F56 Externalization Event

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Post by Pat Riva (21 April 2022)
Hello all,
Continuing the series of LRMoo e-votes relating to topics previously discussed at SIG meetings but not voted on. This discussion was held during the October 2021 SIG without a formal vote, but there seemed to be consensus.

Proposal: Deprecate the class F56 Externalization Event, and its property Rnn was remembered in (is memory of). 


Remark on status: F56 was approved, but only in LRMoo and so has never been implemented. 

Rnn was never fully approved or numbered. Its superproperty is not determined and none of the examples previously proposed have been approved.

Thus, it may not be quite correct to say these are being deprecated, rather they are being withdrawn? 


Reasoning: F56 was conceived as a node to bring together the classes F28 Expression Creation and F31 Performance and express their generalization. This is not essential as, eventually, both classes do meet at E7 Activity. The only property of F56 is the (incomplete) Rnn which only expresses a generalization of the R17 property linking an expression creation to an expression.


If you agree, vote Yes. If you disagree vote No, preferably with an explanation.

To refer the discussion to a future SIG meeting, vote VETO.

Please vote by April 27, at which point I will summarize for the list.


If yes, these editorial modifications also follow:

  • Changing superclass of F31 Performance back to E7 Activity (the superclass as it was in FRBRoo v.2.4).

  • Removing F56 from the list of superclasses of F28 Expression Creation, leaving E12 Production and E65 Creation.

  • Removing Rnn as the superproperty of R17 created (was created by) [D: F28; R: F2], leaving just P94 has created (was created by) [D: E65; R: E28] as the superproperty.

For reference, the latest versions of the definitions of F56 and Rnn:



F56 Externalization Event

Subclass of: E7 Activity

Superclass of: F28 Expression Creation

F31 Performance

Scope note: This class comprises activities that produce signs or sensory impressions as organized and complete wholes, typically intended to be received, in this completeness, by some audience, either directly via their senses or via persistent media at some later time. It comprises in particular novel externalizations of thought – art in all forms – including rendering existing expressions such as musical scores, theatre plays, scripts or texts, in a particular manner, including through the performing arts, writing or other methods of externalization.


  • the creation of the original manuscript score ‘Uwertura tragicna’ by Andrej Panufnik in Warsaw (F28)

  • the reconstruction from memory of the manuscript score ‘Uwertura tragicna’ by Andrej Panufnik in 1945 after the original score was destroyed during the war (F28)

  • performing the ballet entitled ‘Rite of Spring’, as choreographed by Pina Bausch, in Avignon, at the Popes’ Palace, on July 7, 1995 [individual performance] (F31)

  • performing the operatic work entitled ‘Dido and Aeneas’, as directed by Edward Gordon Craig and conducted by Martin Shaw, in London, Hampstead Conservatoire, on May 17, 18, and 19, 1900 [run of performances] (F31)


Properties: Rnn3 was remembered in (is memory of): F2 Expression


Rnn3 was remembered in (contains memory of)

Domain: F56 Externalization Event

Range: F2 Expression

Subproperty of: E1 CRM Entity. P67i is referred to by: E89 Propositional Object [or may be Out of CIDOC CRM Scope?]

Superproperty of: F28 Expression Creation. R17 created (was created by): F2 Expression

Quantification: many to many, necessary, dependent (1,n:1,n)

Scope note: This property associates an instance of F56 Externalization Event with the instance of F2 Expression that records or refers to the content of that particular externalization event, in whole or in part. This recording may be done either directly or be transferred through tradition. The expression that records the externalization event may or may not be an expression of the work that was externalized in the event.

[No approved examples]


Post by Martin (21 April 2022)

I vote YES.

Comment: F56 is a very important concept intellectually, but probably too abstract.  There is a question if this generalization could be saved somewhere else.

Rnn was remembered in (is memory of) actually means that someone produced this memory. I would rather propose a another property directly of F28:  Rnn included a memory of: E7 Activity.  This is probably much more useful than the Recording stuff we have discussed, is specific to the author, and would help use with the missing documentation activity in CRMbase. It would also help with recording of oral traditions. "Rnn included a memory of:" should be restricted to physical witnesses of the event (or via recording devices).



Post by Pat (28 Apr 2022)

For this e-vote that was supposed to close on April 27, I only have 4 votes (between votes directly received and on the list). It would be better to have a few more votes, and so I am extending the voting period to May 4.


We very much appreciate everyone taking the time to vote on so many e-votes!

We're getting so very close to a stable draft of LRMoo.


Thanks, Pat

Post by Christian-Emil (2 May 2022)



Post by Pat (5 May 2022)

 Hello all,

Thank you very much.

I now count 7 Yes votes, and no negative votes.
I will integrate the modifications.



According to the outcome of the evote, 

  • F56 Externalization Event will be deprecated.
  • Its property Rnn was remebered in (is memory of) will not be implemented
  • F31 Performance will be a direct class of E7 Activity (as it were in FRBRoo v2.4)
  • F56 will be removed from the list of superclasses of F28 Expression Creation [F28 will be a subclass of E12 Production and E65 Creation)
  • Rnn was remembered in will be removed from the superproperties of R17 created (was created by) [D;F28, R:F2], leaving just P94 has created (was created by) [D;E65, R:E28]. 

This is to inform Issue 360

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