Issue 63: Does the Appellation need a value property?

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The Appellation is the string itself, as it does not have any identification different from its value. Therefore it does not need an additional value property. This should be reflected in the scope note.

Proposal for new scope note:

E41 Appellation

Scope note: This entity comprises all names in the proper sense. Codes or words, meaningless or meaningful, in the script of some group or encoding of an electronic system, used solely to identify a specific instance of some category within a certain context. These words do not identify the object by their meaning but by convention, tradition or agreement. In contrast to other entities an instance of Appellation is not an identifier for a real world entity different in nature from it, but it is the appellation itself. E.g. an Appellation "Martin" does not refer to any Martin, but is nothing else than the name "Martin" itself. Therefore there is no property pointing to any value of it. Appellation should not be confused with the practice of naming a thing by some group over a certain period.

MD, January 2002


Proposal accepted, Monterey 21/2/2002.