Activity Documentation

  • The list below groups information on institutions and projects working using the CRM or have done development work for the CRM. 

Available document : spreadsheet


  • The CIDOC CRM Translation Guidelines Working Group (TGWG) is the result of several needs regarding the translation of CIDOC CRM in the context of the update of the ISO 21127:2014 Information and documentation - A reference ontology for the interchange of cultural heritage information and the publishing of a new official community version (CIDOC CRM 7.1.2). The TGWG is working to resolve the problems identified in Issue #528 and all its related issues.
    The mandate of the working group is essentially to define best practices in order to ensure the active participation of translation initiatives in different languages. This includes clear governance rules as well as tools facilitating the exchange of information in interoperable formats.
    TGWG held its first official virtual meeting on May 12, 2021.

The members of the TGWG are listed in the spreadsheet.