Issue 61: Do we need a property "is copy of" ?

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Currently, the CRM uses the property "P15 took into account" to declare a relation between a product and a prototype. The property "P16 used object" can be used for tools as well as molds. May be the notion of a copy needs a stronger declaration in the CRM. There are two notions of copy: The relation between a manifestation and an item, and the relation between a physical prototype and the "copy", as e.g. the Roman copies of Greek statues.

Current Proposal: 


  • shows features of (features are also found on): Stuff
  • (kind of similarity: Type)�

This prperty generalizes the notion of "copy of" and "similar to" into a dynamic, assymetric relationship, where the domain expresses the derivative, if such a direction can be established. Else the relationship is symmetric. It is a short-cut of P15 took into account in a creation or production, if such a reason of the similarity can be verified. Moreover it expresses similarity, which can only be stated between two objects without historical knowledge about its reasons.

The link P15 should change range to "Stuff", as physical objects can also be intellectual sources. I prefer this over extending P16 to be used only in an intellectual sense.

MD, 20-5-2002


This relation is needed. 

Stuff: P132 shows feature of (features are also found on): Stuff
(kind of similarity: Type) 

Proposal accepted, Copenhagen 2/7/2002.