Issue 595: Update synchronization btw CRMbase and CRMsci

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Post by Athina (4 May 2022)

Dear all

The last decision on updating the range of P112 diminished (issue 574) requires to also update the O1 diminished property in SCI, in which the P112 is declared with the previous state.

Athina Kritsotaki 

In the 54th CIDOC CRM & 47th FRBR/LRMoo SIG meeting, Thanasis Velios proposed to update the definition of O1 diminished, to keep it in sync with its superproperty in a stable CRMbase version (v7.1.2 at the moment). 

A summary of the decisions can be found below: 

  • Alter the definition of O1 diminished to reflect the IsA relation it bears to P112 diminished (see attached).
  • Always mention which version of CRMbase a family model is consistent with. 
  • If one wants to produce a stable version of a family model (and provide an RDFS for it), they should create dependencies with a stable version of CRMbase. At present, the stable version for CRMbase is 7.1.2.  
  • Any updates on a family model that are dependent on modelling decisions on draft CRMbase models, should by default be considered Draft. 
  • Systematically check CRMsci class/property hierarchies and see if anything else needs to be changed to be kept in sync with CRMbase v7.1.2. HW UNASSIGNED. 

Rome, September 2022


Note by the CRMsci editors: 

The issue has been resolved by 623 and 637, that take care of (1) the examples of CRMsci, (2) other editorial changes necessary to harmonize CRMsci v2.0 with the Official version of CIDOC CRM (v7.1.2). 


March 2023

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