Issue 57: Effort to teach use of the CRM

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A frequently asked question is: how long does it take to learn the CRM? To answer this question, several factors have to be taken into account. The CRM is a solution for a specific technical problem - information modelling and information integration - which is taught in other contexts and has to be separated from the issue of teaching the CRM itself. It depends further from the intended use : Making contributions to the CRM is different from using it as intellectual guide, and different from transforming data into a CRM compatible form.

Current Proposal: 

Analyse the effort to teach the CIDOC CRM in terms of conceptual modelling, data integration technique and the contents of the CRM itself. Connect this to use cases and kinds of audiences. Collect data about that from teaching experience.

In particular, material from the CRM workshop held in April 2002 on CAA2002 in Heraklion was made available.

Monterey 20/2/2002.


What is the material required? How long does it take to get a global view of the CRM? About a day. To teach mapping skills? Perhaps three days. To digest, absorb, gain confidence? Several months. There is a minimum time period required. Suggested analogies learning a programming language, driving a car, learning golf.