Issue 207: Content of Symbolic Object

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On 14/11/2011 in 24th CIDOC SIG meeting and the 18th FRBR -CIDOC CRM Harmonization meeting, discussing about FRSAD Nomen F35 Nomen Use statement and F12 Nomen, it is decided that any instance/subclass of Nomen should foresee a content string that completely represents the identity of a Nomen instance regardless of the semantics of the structural components it is built from and a nomen identity may not extend to the interpretation of equivalence of structural components. The occurrence of structural tags in the nomen string is regarded as part of the content symbols.
Finally we came to the conclusion that 

(1) we need to define a content model taking into account the syntax, type, serialization. Also we noticed that this property should have as property Rxx.1 encoding: E55 Type and 

(2) we need to open a CIDOC CRM Issue about the content of the symbolic object and to add a note about the content to the scope note of P3.

Old Proposal: 

Martin Doerr will formulate the second decision above.

Heraklion, Crete, 3/05/2012

Current Proposal: 

Posted by Martin Doerr 13/11/2012 
Dear All, 

I suggest to add to the scope note of E90 Symbolic Object the following text: 

In some cases, the content of an instance of E90 Symbolic Object may completely be represented by a serialized digital content model, such as a sequence of ASCII-encoded characters, an XML or HTML document, or a TIFF image. The property P3 has note allows for the description of this content model. In order to disambiguate which symbolic level is the carrier of the meaning, the property P3.1 has type can be used to specify the encoding (e.g. "bit", "Latin character", RGB pixel).


The CRM SIG accepted the proposal. 
Amersfoort 20/11/2012