Issue 145: shows "how to realise" a plan

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Discussing about Performance instructions and cookbooks with colleagues from IRCAM.
Max Jacob comment I think that the score is something that has a strong similarity with a cooking recipe, in the sense that both contain information about how to produce a result defined as being a particular instance of a more general concept. I could not find any reasonable way to express this in CRM, that's why i had to create an extension(PX1)linking an E29 Design or Procedure(the score)to an E55 Type(the generic concept). Maybe there is a better way to say in CRM that a recipe tells how to cook Gulasch, but whatever this way is, i would expect the relation between the performance instructions and the work to be modelled similarly.It seems to me that this does not happen in FRBRoo, or am i missing something?
December 2006

Talking about Performance Plan, Performance, Performance Work and Activity, it is remarked that a relationship shows how to realise a plan is missing from the CRM and it could be useful. Martin argued that an activity is only influenced by the plan it was supposed to follow: there are all degrees of deviations from that plan. We can therefore not just say: "This follows the plan" or "This does not follow the plan." A plan can show future features of the intended thing to be produced, or just tell how to produce it. In documentary practice, we may have evidence of the plan, and/or outcomes that claim or seem to follow the plan. We can perceive and classify such outcomes. Martin sees a certain similarity between communicating signs in a performance, and writing.

Paris 14/3/2007

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To think about adding a property shows how to realize to E29 Design or Procedure


P103 was intended for (was intention of) is sufficient to describe the kind of activity the instance of E29 pertains to. The question of how the kind activity is connected to kinds of things produced is for the metaCRM (categorical statement).

Edinburgh 10/7/2007