Issue 100: Scope note of E33 Linguistic Object

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Change scope note to E33 linguistic Object - replace "physical language" with "natural language". Enrich scope note to include languages which are not documented in writing - see "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll. Computer languages and other formal lanuages are to be excluded (to be kept as Information Objects).

Copenhagen 3/7/2002

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New scope note:

The Linguistic Object entity describes identifiable expressions in a natural language. Linguistic Objects can be expressed in many ways: For example, as written text, recorded speech or sign language. However, the CRM treats
Linguistic Objects as distinct from the medium or method by which they are expressed. Note that expressions in formal languages, such as computer code or mathematical formulae, are not treated as Linguistic Objects by the CRM; these should be modeled as instances of E73 Information Object.

Examples: the text of the Ellesmere Chaucer manuscript; the lyrics of the song "Blue Suede Shoes"; the text of the Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll; the text of "Doktoro Jekyll kaj Sinjoro Hyde" (an Esperanto translation of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde).



First sentence should be changed to read: "The Linguistic Object class comprises identifiable expressions in natural languages(s)."

Proposal Accepted

Rethymnon 23/10/2002