Version 5.0.1

Release Date : 
November 2009
Current main editorrs: 
Martin Doerr
Matthew Stiff
Nick Crofts
Stephen Stead
Tony Gill
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Data Examples: 

Entities and Properties

P1 is identified by (identifies)
P2 has type (is type of)
P3 has note
P4 has time-span (is time-span of)
P5 consists of (forms part of)
P7 took place at (witnessed)
P8 took place on or within (witnessed)
P9 consists of (forms part of)
P10 falls within (contains)
P11 had participant (participated in)
P12 occurred in the presence of (was present at)
P13 destroyed (was destroyed by)
P14 carried out by (performed)
P15 was influenced by (influenced)
P16 used specific object (was used for)
P17 was motivated by (motivated)
P19 was intended use of (was made for)
P20 had specific purpose (was purpose of)
P21 had general purpose (was purpose of)
P22 transferred title to (acquired title through)
P23 transferred title from (surrendered title through)
P24 transferred title of (changed ownership through)
P25 moved (moved by)
P26 moved to (was destination of)
P27 moved from (was origin of)
P28 custody surrendered by (surrendered custody through)
P29 custody received by (received custody through)
P30 transferred custody of (custody transferred through)
P31 has modified (was modified by)
P32 used general technique (was technique of)
P33 used specific technique (was used by)
P34 concerned (was assessed by)
P35 has identified (was identified by)
P37 assigned (was assigned by)
P38 deassigned (was deassigned by)
P39 measured (was measured by)
P40 observed dimension (was observed in)
P41 classified (was classified by)
P42 assigned (was assigned by)
P43 has dimension (is dimension of)
P44 has condition (condition of)
P45 consists of (is incorporated in)
P46 is composed of (forms part of)
P48 has preferred identifier (is preferred identifier of)
P49 has former or current keeper (is former or current keeper of)
P50 has current keeper (is current keeper of)
P51 has former or current owner (is former or current owner of)
P52 has current owner (is current owner of)
P53 has former or current location (is former or current location of)
P54 has current permanent location (is current permanent location of)
P55 has current location (currently holds)
P56 bears feature (is found on)
P57 has number of parts
P58 has section definition (defines section)
P59 has section (is located on or within)
P62 depicts (is depicted by)
P65 shows visual item (is shown by)
P67 refers to (is referred to by)
P68 foresees use of (use foreseen by)
P69 is associated with
P70 documents (is documented in)
P71 lists (is listed in)
P72 has language (is language of)
P73 has translation (is translation of)
P74 has current or former residence (is current or former residence of)
P75 possesses (is possessed by)
P76 has contact point (provides access to)
P78 is identified by (identifies)
P79 beginning is qualified by
P80 end is qualified by
P81 ongoing throughout
P82 at some time within
P83 had at least duration (was minimum duration of)
P84 had at most duration (was maximum duration of)
P86 falls within (contains)
P87 is identified by (identifies)
P88 consists of (forms part of)
P89 falls within (contains)
P90 has value
P91 has unit (is unit of)
P92 brought into existence (was brought into existence by)
P93 took out of existence (was taken out of existence by)
P94 has created (was created by)
P95 has formed (was formed by)
P96 by mother (gave birth)
P97 from father (was father for)
P98 brought into life (was born)
P99 dissolved (was dissolved by)
P100 was death of (died in)
P101 had as general use (was use of)
P102 has title (is title of)
P103 was intended for (was intention of)
P104 is subject to (applies to)
P105 right held by (has right on)
P106 is composed of (forms part of)
P107 has current or former member (is current or former member of)
P108 has produced (was produced by)
P109 has current or former curator (is current or former curator of)
P110 augmented (was augmented by)
P111 added (was added by)
P112 diminished (was diminished by)
P113 removed (was removed by)
P114 is equal in time to
P115 finishes (is finished by)
P116 starts (is started by)
P117 occurs during (includes)
P118 overlaps in time with (is overlapped in time by)
P119 meets in time with (is met in time by)
P120 occurs before (occurs after)
P121 overlaps with
P122 borders with
P123 resulted in (resulted from)
P124 transformed (was transformed by)
P125 used object of type (was type of object used in)
P126 employed (was employed in)
P127 has broader term (has narrower term)
P128 carries (is carried by)
P129 is about (is subject of)
P130 shows features of (features are also found on)
P131 is identified by (identifies)
P132 overlaps with
P133 is separated from
P134 continued (was continued by)
P135 created type (was created by)
P136 was based on (supported type creation)
P137 exemplifies (is exemplified by )
P138 represents (has representation)
P139 has alternative form
P140 assigned attribute to (was attributed by)
P141 assigned (was assigned by)
P142 used constituent (was used in)
P143 joined (was joined by)
P144 joined with (gained member by)
P145 separated (left by)
P146 separated from (lost member by)
P147 curated (was curated by)
P148 has component (is component of)