Issue 672: Quantifiers of P140, P141, P177

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Post by Martin (24 January 2024) 

Dear All,

I remember a discussion about the quantifiers of P140, P141, assigns attribute...

As it stands now, they are both
"many to many (0,n:0,n)".

P177 assigned property of type, has 

"many to many, necessary (1,n:0,n)"

Firstly, all must be necessary. you cannot assign a property type without a domain and range.

Secondly, the scope notes of all these properties do use singular, "the":

"This property associates an instance of E13 Attribute Assignment with the type of property or relation that this assignment maintains to hold between the item to which it assigns an attribute and the attribute itself"

Thirdly, multiple values confuse which is which.

I remember a discussion that, theoretically, if you have:

a) one domain, one type, many ranges

b) many domains, one type, one range

c) one domain, many types, one range,

The propositions are well defined. I assume that this discussion was never ended, nor such constraints be formulated in Logic. I doubt it can be in FOL, and is, for any user, utterly confusing.

The quantifiers must be: "many to one, necessary (1,1:0,n)"

Generalizing single property assigments for ISSUE 602, this must be resolved.