Issue 610: Deprecate Typed Properties in CIDOC CRM?

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In the 54th CIDOC CRM & 47th FRBR/LRMoo SIG Meeting, upon discussing the presentation by Thanasis Velios on Typed and Negative Typed Properties, the SIG resolved to start a new issue, where to discuss the possibility of systematically deprecating typed properties in CIDOC CRM. The issue relates to 476 and the proposal to deprecate P199, found in the 7.2.x branch of the CIDOC CRM releases. 

Discussion points

  • Systematic deprecation of TPs will require some consideration: most of them are used frequently. Should also consider the possibility of treating inverse properties as TPs.
  • Existing CRM properties can be treated with a same as statement as the TPs? TPs do not anything in terms of the semantics of the CRM. It is not an extension so that’s not the way to go about it. 
  • The construct is useful for CRMarcheao (finding or not finding bones in a grave that one has dug up). The aim is that this technical solution can become an extension. It contains around 60 TPs and some of them are derived negative properties (to the extent that it makes sense semantically to implement each NTP). 
  • The semantics of NTPs needs to be addressed. A  thing to take into consideration is the ambiguity of the temporal characteristics of the properties. That something is missing at the time of examination/documentation means that it was never there or that it got removed at some point in time? F.i., is it the case that there exist no remnants of a book-marker at the time of the examination/conservation or was there never a book-marker in a particular book? In general, if there is evidence that something had been there at a prior stage, then it would be classified as having existed. 

HW: Martin Doerr, Thanasis Velios to examine the properties for temporal ambiguities

HW: Thanasis Velios to assess whether inverse shortcut properties can express TPs

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