Issue 547: CRMdig update

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CRMdig is highly relevant for work undertaken in many projects, but has been idle for far too long and needs to be updated. 

Topics that can be elaborated in the model: 
- Harmonization with CRMinf, CRMsci, PROV-O, Parthenos Entities Model
- Digitization (see how the human activity relates to the reaction of the machine: for the moment, the human activity that sets in motion the machine reaction and the machine reaction itself are inseparable. What is the temporal and other connection between these two events? Can they be seen as one and the same event?)
- Formal Derivation (Metadata descriptions for digital objects carry over from original to derivatives -assuming the latter retain features of the original digital object.)
- Unreliable transfer 
- The relation among D9 Data Object and E54 Dimension and PE22 Dataset (D9 IsA E54 AND D9 IsA PE22)
- The relation between D3 Formal Derivation and S6 Data Evaluation
- D7 Digital Machine Event as E7 Activity vs. triggering an activity.
- F54 Utilized Information Carrier

Decision of the 50th SIG: to pursue this line of work further. Form a working group, formally raise a number of issues through the SIG mailing list and take it from there. 


Documents to consider: 

(1) About CRMdig, (2) PEM, (3) Repository for 3D Model Production and Interpretation in Culture and Beyond, (4) 3d_metadata, (5) CRMdig_v3.1, (6) CRM digital (2.3)

HW: the WG to draft a number of issues for CRMdig.

In the 53rd CIDOC CRM & 46th FRBRoo SIG meeting, the SIG decided to continue in this line of work. 


  • Look at CRMdig, determine what parts of the model need to be kept in CRMdig vs the things that echo the project they were built to describe.
  • Discuss the overlap with PEM. 
  • Break the model in small subtasks (review properties, Digital Objects etc)

HW: GB to coordinate the group of people involved in this task, CEO, (MD), and confer with ML and GH. Inform the Sig in the next meeting.


May 2022

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