Issue 547: CRMdig update

Starting Date: 
Working Group: 

CRMdig is highly relevant for work undertaken in many projects, but has been idle for far too long and needs to be updated. 

Topics that can be elaborated in the model: 
- Harmonization with CRMinf, CRMsci, PROV-O, Parthenos Entities Model
- Digitization (see how the human activity relates to the reaction of the machine: for the moment, the human activity that sets in motion the machine reaction and the machine reaction itself are inseparable. What is the temporal and other connection between these two events? Can they be seen as one and the same event?)
- Formal Derivation (Metadata descriptions for digital objects carry over from original to derivatives -assuming the latter retain features of the original digital object.)
- Unreliable transfer 
- The relation among D9 Data Object and E54 Dimension and PE22 Dataset (D9 IsA E54 AND D9 IsA PE22)
- The relation between D3 Formal Derivation and S6 Data Evaluation
- D7 Digital Machine Event as E7 Activity vs. triggering an activity.
- F54 Utilized Information Carrier

Decision of the 50th SIG: to pursue this line of work further. Form a working group, formally raise a number of issues through the SIG mailing list and take it from there. 


Documents to consider: 

(1) About CRMdig, (2) PEM, (3) Repository for 3D Model Production and Interpretation in Culture and Beyond, (4) 3d_metadata, (5) CRMdig_v3.1, (6) CRM digital (2.3)

HW: the WG to draft a number of issues for CRMdig.

In the 53rd CIDOC CRM & 46th FRBRoo SIG meeting, the SIG decided to continue in this line of work. 


  • Look at CRMdig, determine what parts of the model need to be kept in CRMdig vs the things that echo the project they were built to describe.
  • Discuss the overlap with PEM. 
  • Break the model in small subtasks (review properties, Digital Objects etc)

HW: GB to coordinate the group of people involved in this task, CEO, (MD), and confer with ML and GH. Inform the Sig in the next meeting.


May 2022

Post by George Bruseker (17 August 2022) 

Dear all,

Given that CRMbase 7.1.1 is now a static entity and needs to be so for the purposes of shepherding it through the ISO process (shout out to Philippe and Erin!), now seems a good time to be doing some consolidation on the many extensions and trying to tighten up official versions of these.

I have taken up the mission of consolidating notes and thoughts from the past few years regarding CRMdig and how to bring it into line with the best practices we have evolved at the CRM SIG. 

I have, as a result, formulated the following three powerpoints / proposals:

The key point of this exercise, to my opinion, should be to focus on a cleanup of CRMdig that brings it into coherence with our present practice at CRM SIG but also takes into account the knowledge and experience of people who have used it and who have knowledge of other standards and well known practices in the community that should be taken into account.

Therefore, I present the above as a working framework for a discussion and to announce that we will start to have the discussion of improving CRMdig.

For those of you who are interested in the topic and have opinions on what is done right or wrong there, it would be great to hear your input, nothing suggested above is set in stone, but is meant to start the conversation.

To that end, if people want to make structured remarks regarding the proposals before the meeting, you can of course always use the emailing back and forth feature of the list OR you could make your remarks in this handy google doc I have constructed for that purpose:

This review is well overdue and is a nice, concentrated piece of action which we could take up to facilitate the CRM community's modelling work, so I do look forward to constructive and pragmatic discussions!





In the 54th CIDOC CRM & 47th FRBR/LRMoo SIG meeting, George Bruseker shared a proposal on redefining constructs of the model. Details can be found in the CRMdig Cleanup document

Decision: SIG members back the proposal by George. Stephen Stead wants to collaborate (to test with examples from work he’s currently undertaking with a group in San Francisco), Martin Doerr and Thanasis Velios have volunteered to work on the harmonisation of CRMdig and PEM.

Rome, September 2022

Current Proposal: 

Post by George Bruseker (1 November 2022)

Dear all,


I am writing this as a preface to a number of emails that I hope I will be sending through to the list over the next while regarding CRMdig. Following the last SIG meeting in Rome, a decision was made to try to move forward with doing a general review of CRMdig both to check its general consistency with itself and the world and also to bring it into line with CRMbase 7.1.1.


In that regard, we will be first trying to give it a good trimming taking into account the modelling principles that have been consolidated over the last years and the best practices we have established. This will involve the proposal of deletion of unnecessary classes and properties relative to a domain ontology.


Thereafter for classes and properties that have been identified as problematic but useful/functional, we will create separate issues for each that at the very least identifies THAT they are problematic and hopefully also proposes a useful way to fix them.


We will of course bear in mind the need to make the extension consistent with CRMbase 7.1.1. 


At first, the idea would be to bring CRMdig to a stable and consistent state and then to systematically and based on input and feedback from the community, add to its functionality modelling ground up from real world cases / needs. 


It is a very handy and necessary extension given the strong emphasis on digital programmes in the CH community so it will be a real contribution we can make to consolidate this work and bring it up to date. As usual for those who are interested and have experience with implementing CRMdig or other standards which they think it should be able to interact with / be consistent with etc. please be in touch.





Post by George Bruseker (1 December 2022)

Dear all,

Please find in the following links some additional homework for the ongoing CRMdig update.

What you will find in the links is a list of proposals to modify, move or delete existing classes and properties in order to make CRMdig compatible with CRMbase 7.1.1 and current best modelling practice. 

There are three proposals contained in the homework pertaining to: 

  • D13 Digital Information Carrier
  • D9 Data Object
  • Annotation Classes [D29 Annotation Object, D30 Annotation Event, D35 Area]

The present state of the classes and properties, the reason they should be modified/moved/deleted given and a proposal for how to do that is put forward. The work is an outcome of conversations with Rob Sanderson, Nicola Carboni (some time ago) and Martin Doerr. The final proposal can be pinned on me, however.

These are prepared for discussion at the upcoming SIG. If for whatever reason you are not able to participate in person or online in this SIG but are interested in the above matters, please do add your comments pro, con, querying here for them to be considered during the meeting and potential voting.



In the 55th joint meeting of the CIDOC CRM and SO/TC46/SC4/WG9; 48th FRBR/LRMoo SIG meeting, GB brought the SIG up to speed with the current state of CRMdig. 

Following the decision to deprecate a number of classes and properties violating principles or common practices (documented in issues 618, 619), he and VA loaded the last edited version in OntoME and implemented the decisions (class/property deprecations) and issued a new release (v4.0), that is currently on the site

 The following modeling clusters were identified as clashing with CRMbase 7.1.1 and underwent reviewing by the SIG: 

  • D13 Digital Information Carrier
  • D9 Data Object
  • Annotation classes [D29 Annotation Object, D20 Annotation Event, D35 Area]
  • Overall scope of the model –old statement, explicit mention to a project that is no longer relevant. 

A summary of decisions & assigned HW can be found below

  • Make D13 Digital Information Carrier IsA E22 Human-Made Object
  • Deprecate D9, introduce Lxx encodes dimension 
    HW: GB to provide definition
  • Make D35 ISA D1, add property (for association with a digital place primitive)
    HW: MD to draft the property definition
  • D29, D30 to be moved to CRMinf instead
  • HW: Provide a new scope, name editors (MD, GB)

For the details of the discussions see attached document

Belval, December 2022