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Posted by George on 10/9/2020

Dear all,

I would like to propose a new community issue. It has been some time since there was an update of the activities and use of CRM by the community on the CRM site.

The use cases page:


Does not give an up to date picture of all the activities that are going on in the CRM world. 


I, therefore, propose that we as a community put together an updated picture which can then be added to the CRM website. 

I have started a google sheet and for collecting and organizing such information:

I would invite people to verify the extant information to the sheet and to add information that is missing about your:




research project

data end points

We could aim to have a look at this data at the next SIG and determine a way to integrate it into the website and create an update on all the CRM related activities that are going on. Please note that the spreadsheet has multiple tabs for the different kinds of things to be documented.


Current Proposal: 

In the 48th CIDOC CRM and 41st FRBR CRM sig meeting (virtual),GB presented his HW (spreadsheet that contains information on projects and consortia using the CRM that he collected, plus goals and contact info). Proposes that it’s integrated in the part of the site that says who is using the crm. The sig decided to keep the list of projects and groups that use the CRM (GBs spreadsheet) on the website, where the old (outdated) use cases appeared,  and work out the technicalities at a later stage. The idea is to update the list regularly. Maybe cross-check GB’s spreadsheet with the list of the presentations given at sig meetings (currently under Use Cases). 

October 2020


The issue has been resolved by the decision to implement a link on the website, where to document information on implementations of the CRMbase & family models in projects etc. (see issue 596).  The new link is Activity Documentation (found under Community). The documents that will be uploaded there are: 

(1) the Community Activity Documentation spreadsheet, and 
(2) the form that generates the spreadsheet. 


September 2022

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