Subject Depicted Information


Motivation for this graph has been the Subject Depicted Information Group of the International Guidelines for Museum Object Information: The CIDOC Information Categories and other domain expert knowledge, as well as interpretation of characteristic database schema elements from relevant collection management systems.

According to the International Guidelines for Museum Object Information: The CIDOC Information Categories, Subject depicted information primarily supports Access. Without this information it is not possible to provide even rudimentary access to pictorial collections beyond that required for accountability purposes. Subject information also supports the identification of objects and should record  the following information categories.

  1. Subject depicted
  2. Subject depicted description
  3. In the CIDOC CRM depiction of a ‘place’ is interpreted as depiction of physical features on the surface of earth (E27 Site) which are found at a location (E53) for some time period. A place in the sense of the CIDOC CRM is immaterial and cannot be depicted, except from geometric area  representations.
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