Version 7.1.2

Volume A:

Definition of the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model


Produced by the CIDOC CRM

Special Interest Group


Version 7.1.2

June 2022


Editors: Chryssoula Bekiari, George Bruseker, Martin Doerr, Christian-Emil Ore, Stephen Stead, Athanasios Velios



CC BY 4.0  2022 Individual Contributors to CIDOC CRM 7.1.2

Release Date : 
June 2022
Current main editorrs: 
Chrysoula Bekiari
George Bruseker
Erin Canning
Martin Doerr
Philippe Michon
Christian-Emil Ore
Stephen Stead
Athanasios Velios
Individual Contributors to CIDOC CRM v.1.2