An application profile for recording ICH in museums' collection management systems

Presented by the CIODC ICH Working Group at the occasion of CIDOC 2023 - Mexico City


What does intangible heritage mean for the collection policy of these organizations? How can you deal with this on a practical matter and in terms of policy?  

Workshop Intangible Heritage worked together with partner meemoo, Flemish institute for the archive collaborated with a view towards providing a first answer to these questions. Together with ICOM Belgium-Flanders, Workshop Intangible Heritage translated and updated the original version of the report into English.  

Bert Lemmerns
Shana Van Hauwermeiren
Jorijn Neyrinvk
Evdokia Tsakiridis
Lise Ruts
Bert Lemmens
Shana Van Hauwermeiren
Evdokia Tsakiridis
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