Issue 678: Towards CRM OWL

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Post by Mark Ficthner (8 March 2023)

Dear all,

following the presentation "Erlangen OWL and CRM RDF, Steps towards CRM OWL" during the 55th CIDOC CRM and 48th FRBR CRM  SIG meeting   we (PF, ETz, MF) worked as a team and established a proposal for: 

  • the implementation of CRM OWL module and
  • the adoption of good practices from Erlangen ECRM OWL.

The CRM OWL implementation proposal is already available at the following links while the proposal details will be presented in the upcoming 58th SIG meeting on Wednesday 20 March 2024 Session 2.4.

CRM OWL main module:

CRM OWL property classification module:

With this proposal we want to bring an official CRM OWL version to all users while maintaining backward compatibility to Erlangen CRM.



Mark Fichtner

Germanisches Nationalmuseum

In the 58th CIDOC CRM & 51st FRBR/LRMoo SIG Meeting, MF & ETz gave an outline of the work they have undertaken to implement the CRM OWL module Details of their proposal can be found here

Points of discussion

  • Creating a CRM OWL implementation with minimal deviations from the ECRM OWL and including them in the available CIDOC CRM encodings might cause confusion (two OWL version describing the same thing).
    • The two versions have different namespaces (Erlangen and CIDOC). All ECRM OWL statements come with owl:sameAs statements to CRM OWL. 
  • Regarding the property quantifiers: maybe some statement about how they are implemented in the OWL file. 
  • Point B4: rdfs:label:
    • ECRM owl only lists forward going identifiers for both directions of properties (despite providing both labels). The decision to do so was implemented at a time when the SIG considered the forward going properties as the base forms. 

The SIG adopted the proposals by ETz & MF. 

Paris, March 2024