Issue 667: hierarchical dependencies between extensions or through CRMbase?

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In the 57th CIDOC CRM & 50th FRBR/LRMoo SIG Meeting, the SIG resolved to start a new issue where to discuss whether hierarchical dependencies should be declared between extensions or between a given extension and the CIDOC CRM instead. 

For some context, see the definition of J2 concluded that in CRMinf. 

  • Secifically, based on the decisions concerning issue 469, in October 2020 J2 concluded that was declared a subproperty of P116 starts (is started by).  
  • Subsequently, P116 starts (is started by) moved to CRMarchaeo (in v2.0: it has been assigned the number ID AP24 starts (is started by)).
  • Among its superproperties feature
    • P175 starts before or with the start of (starts after or with the start of)
    • P175i starts after or with the start of (starts before or with the start of)
    • P185 ends before the end of (ends after the end of)
      These properties also feature in the migration instructions for P116 (from 7.1.1 onwards)
  • We should not be listing both [AP24 starts] AND [P175, P175i, P185], given that the former is declared a subproperty of the latter set., but the SIG needs to determine which link to state for the superproperty of J2 concluded that. 
    HW: CRM Editors to determine the best way to go about it


Marseille, October 2023