Issue 651: CIDOC CRM ontology extension "A multi-causal ontology model"

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Post by Dominic Oldman (15 June 2023)

Please find a link to the draft of a new CIDOC CRM ontology extension by Martin Doerr and myself.

Martin and I look forward to a discussion of this paper.





In the 57th CIDOC CRM & 50th FRBR/LRMoo SIG Meeting, the SIG reviewed a proposal for a CRM compatible extension by Do and MD. 
The slide deck of the presentation by DO and the points that came up for discussion can be found here


  • The review of CRM-Influence should have concluded by the CRM SIG spring 2024 meeting. 
  • The group of reviewers consists of: CEO, GB, AG, SdS, GH. 

Marseille, October 2023

In the 58th joint meeting of the CIDOC CRM SIG and ISO/TC46/SC4/WG9, DO presented an updated version of CRMinfluence --see here for the complete definition. 

Nb. see here for the evolution of the model 

A long discussion followed his presentation, its main points are summarized in this document. 



  • CEO, GH, FB, GB, DO, TV (and anyone else interested) to collaborate on proposing a high-level CRM-compatible extension for social phenomena, with points of articulation to the three competing extensions. 
    • Consider CRMact (v0.2, and issue 419) and the model for Provision and Obligation (see issues 557, 420) as well. 
    • Consider the overlap with CRMinf
    • Report on the progress made at the 59th SIG meeting in Plovdiv. 

Paris, March 2024.