Issue 608: New examples for P161 has spatial projection

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In the 54th CIDOC CRM & 47th FRBR/LRMoo SIG Meeting, upon discussing the redefinition of P161 has spatial projection, Anais Guillem provided some new examples for the property. They all come from Notre-Dame reconstruction draft mapping, that she is currently working on. 
Background for the examples: 
The case study is the collapsed transverse arch of the N-D nave. The voussoirs collapsed and their trajectories were documented (ie. spatio-temporal annotation and identification of individual voussoirs in the remains) during the cleaning activities through photogrammetric scenes. 

The examples-set can be found below: 

  • E22 [voussoir] - P196 defines - E92 Space Time Volume [trajectory of a voussoir]; 
  • E92 Space Time Volume [trajectory of a voussoir] - P10 falls within - E92 Space Time Volume [transverse arch]; 
  • E92 [trajectory of a voussoir] - P161 has spatial projection - E53 Place [location of fallen voussoir];
  • E53 Place [center of gravity] - P89 falls within - E53 Place [location of fallen voussoir]; 
  • E53 [center of gravity]- P172 - geo:wktLiteral
  • This property allows linking the data about the spatio-temporal annotation of voussoirs space time volumes and inferring a reconstruction hypothesis in regards to the fall location, inferred from the voussoirs’ tracking (appearance, disappearance, and extraction from the rubbles).

Decision: MD, CEO, AG to go through the examples and propose to incorporate them in the definition of P161 by the next SIG meeting. 

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