Issue 608: New examples for P161 has spatial projection

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In the 54th CIDOC CRM & 47th FRBR/LRMoo SIG Meeting, upon discussing the redefinition of P161 has spatial projection, Anais Guillem provided some new examples for the property. They all come from Notre-Dame reconstruction draft mapping, that she is currently working on. 
Background for the examples: 
The case study is the collapsed transverse arch of the N-D nave. The voussoirs collapsed and their trajectories were documented (ie. spatio-temporal annotation and identification of individual voussoirs in the remains) during the cleaning activities through photogrammetric scenes. 

The examples-set can be found below: 

  • E22 [voussoir] - P196 defines - E92 Space Time Volume [trajectory of a voussoir]; 
  • E92 Space Time Volume [trajectory of a voussoir] - P10 falls within - E92 Space Time Volume [transverse arch]; 
  • E92 [trajectory of a voussoir] - P161 has spatial projection - E53 Place [location of fallen voussoir];
  • E53 Place [center of gravity] - P89 falls within - E53 Place [location of fallen voussoir]; 
  • E53 [center of gravity]- P172 - geo:wktLiteral
  • This property allows linking the data about the spatio-temporal annotation of voussoirs space time volumes and inferring a reconstruction hypothesis in regards to the fall location, inferred from the voussoirs’ tracking (appearance, disappearance, and extraction from the rubbles).

Decision: MD, CEO, AG to go through the examples and propose to incorporate them in the definition of P161 by the next SIG meeting. 

HW by Anais Guillem shared with Martin Doerr and Christian-Emil Ore (personal communication --December 2022)

Hi all,

I share with you a googlefolder for the Issue 608:


there is a short ppt with some illustrations of the case study, a diagram and a doc where we can exchange


Let me know if you want to talk about it before next week


In the 55th joint meeting of the CIDOC CRM and SO/TC46/SC4/WG9; 48th FRBR/LRMoo SIG meeting, AG presented a use case intended to be formulated into an examples set for E92, E93 and P161. The use case comes from the Notree Dame de Paris restauration project, in which she is involved. 

The examples are about the trajectory of the collapsed arch at Notre Dame. 

Link to presentation here, modelling constructs used here.

How to proceed
HW: MD, AG, CEO to work more on the example. Could aim towards a publication with this example. Could then reference to it in the examples for E92, E93, P161. 

Belval, December 2022


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