Issue 562: Automatically produce graphs from the XML implementation of the CIDOC CRM

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In the 51st CIDOC CRM & 44th FRBRoo SIG meeting, it was decided to start a new issue where to report on progress re. the automatic generation of graphs based on the XML implementation of the CIDOC CRM that Elias presented (link to presentation)

In the 53rd CIDOC CRM & 46th FRBRoo SIG meeting, ETz reported that he needs concrete guidelines re. what the graph should look like –for the moment all he has to work with is that the graph should have a left-to-right orientation instead of assuming a top-down representation. Otherwise, he considers the issue resolved (in the sense that it is now possible to automatically generate graphs from the xml version of the CRM: see here. Their orientation is suboptimal, but it can change easily)

Decision: Compare the output with the graphs from Telos (HW FORTH).

Postpone the issue for the moment –until there are more concrete specifications.

May 2022