Issue 561: Scope note of P139

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Issue raised by MD on October, 3rd 2021: 

Whereas the question of asymmetry has been reformulated for P130 shows features of, the respective corrections have not been carried out for P139 has alternative form. 

The specifics of the proposal can be found below: 

P130 shows features of (features are also found on)

Domain:E70 Thing

Range:  E70 Thing

Superproperty of: E33 Linguistic Object. P73i is translation of: E33 Linguistic Object 
                            E18 Physical Thing. P128 carries (is carried by): E90 Symbolic Object

Quantification:      many to many (0,n:0,n)

Scope note:

This property generalises the notions of "copy of" and "similar to" into a directed relationship, where the domain expresses the derivative or influenced item and the range the source or influencing item, if such a direction can be established. The property can also be used to express similarity in cases that can be stated between two objects only, without historical knowledge about its reasons. The property expresses a symmetric relationship in case no direction of influence can be established either from evidence on the item itself or from historical knowledge. This holds in particular for siblings of a derivation process from a common source or non-causal cultural parallels, such as some weaving patterns.


P139 has alternative form

Domain:            E41 Appellation

Range:               E41 Appellation

Quantification:   many to many (0,n:0,n)

Scope note:        

This property associates an instance of E41 Appellation with another instance of E41 Appellation that constitutes a derivative or variant of the former and that may also be used for identifying items identified by the former, in suitable contexts, independent from the particular item to be identified. This property should not be confused with additional variants of names used characteristically for a single, particular item, such as individual nicknames. It is an asymmetric relationship, where the range expresses the derivative, if such a direction can be established. Otherwise, the relationship is symmetric. The relationship is not transitive.


P139(x,y) ⇒ P139(y,x)  ...which is normally wrong
¬P139(x,x)   which is not in the scope note.

To be checked, if this had been resolved but editing forgotten!



Current Proposal: 

In the 52nd CIDOC CRM & 45th FRBRoo SIG meeting, the SIG reviewed HW by MD (editing of P139, which included deleting the FOL expressions for symmetry and irreflexivity and adding an inverse form -that was missing). The HW was accepted. The changes can be found here

Decision: update P139 has alternative form accordingly (both in CIDOC CRM v7.1.2 [ISO] and v7.2.1 [community]). 

February, 2022


In the 53rd CIDOC CRM & 46th FRBRoo SIG meeting, the SIG decided to formally close the issue. The scope note and FOL of P139 has alternative form was updated on the definition document for both v7.1.2 and v7.2.1.

A new issue was opened (597), where to discuss definitions for irreflexivity and asymmetry. 

May 2022