Issue 546: Differentiate TX6 Transcription

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Post by Martin Doerr (17 June 2021)

Dear All,

I propose to either split TX6 transcription into single grapheme/ multi-grapheme, or provide adequate properties to make the distinction. In particular, the single grapheme transcription should connect to CRMinf arguments.



Post by Achille Feliceti (10 October 2021)


Hello Martin,

Our HW for issue 546.

In the current version of the CRMtex model, TX6 Transcription can refer both to the whole text (TX1) and also to fragments of it (TX7), being TX7 subclass of TX1. This allows scholars, when required, to use TX6 also for the transcription of a single glyph.


Achille & Francesca

In the 51st CIDOC CRM & 44th FRBRoo SIG meeting, it was decided that the scope notes of Tx5 Reading, Tx6 Transcription, Tx8 Grapheme and TxP11 transcribed (was transcribed by) need to be redrafted in order for them to: 

  1. clearly distinguish btw atomic units of writing vs combinations thereof, by means of introducing a concept of Txx Grapheme Occurrence Sequence and associate it with an instance of E73 Information Object (or a specialization)
  2. showcase the relation btw glyphs(/monographs…) and graphemes 
  3. explain the correspondences btw transcriptions from one type of writing system to another and the parts of written text that get transcribed     

HW: AF, FM, PR, MD. TV to proofread 

5 September 2022

Link to the HW by Achille, Francesca and Martin for the issue.  


By decision of the Editors' group, the issue will be merged with 549. All discussions will carry over there. 

12 October 2022