Issue 538: Documenting the changes in the CRM

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In the 49th CIDOC CRM and 42nd FRBR CRM sig meeting (virtual), the SIG discussed the accessibility of the empirical evidence that motivates changes in the model. It was decided that this should be done via a separate issue,  bearing in mind that once a change has been implemented, it’s not easy to recover the thought process that motivated it in the first place. Documenting a decision does not guarantee that decisions provided are understood. What is needed is an application to keep  track of that. Formulating and summarizing issues poses difficulties, a safe way to not loose information is documenting email exchanges through the sig list.

HW: Sig members to propose mechanisms to better document the decision making process in a structured way.

March 2021

In the 53rd CIDOC CRM & 46th FRBRoo SIG meeting, the sig members discussed what the best way to document the changes in the CRM would be. It was an open discussion. Some points can be found below: 

The issue to be informed by any decisions reached in Issue 587 (the parts referring to how one should proceed with creating modelling constructs).  

List the elements of the HW by MD & DO would be helpful to document arguments in the sig, namely: (i) “how to model” questions, (ii) research questions that one needs to answer, (iii) how the proposed modelling constructs help to answer questions posed, (iv) examples. 

TV proposed to postpone the issue until the examples for Issue 587 are decided upon. 

If the goal is to point to the argumentation that resulted in each class/property of the model (a retrospective documentation project as it were), then we could start a wiki for each class/property where people can post questions etc. Despite such efforts not having been felicitous in the past, it’s worth considering. 


Postpone the issue until the examples for Issue 587 are decided upon. 

HW: FORTH to propose a way to automatically index posts on the CRM archive. In a way that it gives a quick overview of the discussions therein. PF to discuss with Y.Tz and Y.M and people from the lab that engage in NLP. 

May 2022