Issue 489: Rename the P164 & P167

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During the discussions of issue 485, Martin sent the following proposal to the editorial team of the version 7.0 of CRM on 13/4/2020.

Dear All

Looking at the historical examples for the properties of E93, I propose the following renaming of P164 and P167, because is makes not clear that a) P164 is the timespan considered, rather tan the observed, and P167 is an outer bound, whereas the new Pxxx is the inner bound.  





Old Proposal: 

On the virtual meeting of the editorial team of CRM version 7.0 CIDOC CRM  on 5/5/2020, it is discussed Martin’s proposal to change the labels on:

P164 during (was time-span of)   to become  concerns (is concern of) 

P167 at (was place of) to become  was within (includes)

George was not a fan of  "concerns" , Steve either. "was within"  is acceptable.

HW for Steve, Martin and George to come up with a better label for P164 by the next meeting --maybe is delineated by or is temporarily specified by (temporarily specifies) or has specifying time --probably the underlined one.

DECIDE whether we should call an e vote or have a discussion over this during the sig meeting


In the 47th joint meeting of the CIDOC CRM SIG and ISO/TC46/SC4/WG9; 40th FRBR - CIDOC CRM Harmonization meeting; SdS presented to the sig the alternative labels for P164 during (was time-span of) and P167 at (was place of)

Votes for newly proposed names:

  • Change P167 at (was place of) to P167 was within (includes):
    • Result: 12 in favor, none against
    • Decision: accept
  • Change P164 during (was time-span of) to P164 is temporally specified by (temporally specifies):
    • Result: 9 in favor, none against
    • Decision: Accept

Also the sig decided to open a new issue on reformulating the scope note for P164 to capture that the timespan can be declarative.

This issue closed

June 2020

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