Issue 443: Implementing the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model in RDF

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In the 45th joint meeting of the CIDOC CRM SIG and SO/TC46/SC4/WG9; 38th FRBR – CIDOC CRM Harmonization meeting, In accordance with the decision in issue 363, the sig approved the changes by GH on the document “Implementing the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model in RDF” and the addition of the paragraph on Multiple Instantiation (by MD). The document is to be given a version number and every time there is change in its content, it should be assigned a new version status. The current version is 1.0.

GH is to appear in the list of authors (together with RL and MD).

In view of the fact that the Guidelines for using P81/82(a/b) and P90(a/b) have been incorporated in the document “Implementing the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model in RDF”, it should be removed in the best practices.

Heraklion, October 2019


In the 48th CIDOC CRM and 41st FRBR CRM sig meeting (virtual), the sig discused the parallel editing of two texts entitled "New Guidelines P81 P82" that got everyone confused regarding what the last updated version was (issue 288). CB presented a pairwise comparison of the “Guidelines on how to use P81 and P82” found under “Best Practices”, and the new version produced by MD. The differences were minor and involved
1)    Adding the citations where necessary
2)    Moving the paragraph about negative time intervals under P81a/b
3)    Different phrasing when to avoid documenting the instance of E61 Time Primitive corresponding to the *end-of-the-end* of the relevant time-span: instead of expressing a possibility, it was changed to express necessity.
4)    Deleting the note re. the other possible ways that one could come up with to deal with imprecision and temporal reasoning. 
In total, the new version that MD produced is more up to date than the one implementing the relevant decision of the 42nd sig meeting. 
The sig accepted  the changes proposed by MD, changed the date of the document [set it to current: 23 October 2020], incorporate it as an appendix to the document “Implementing the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model in RDF”, published on the CIDOC CRM site under Best Practices. The updated text (citations, changes) can be found here

Subsequently CB presented a pairwise comparison of the document labelled “Implementing the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model in RDF” in its google doc version, to the version published under Best Practices in the CIDOC CRM site (issue 443). 
There is one difference that needs be addressed in the sig, namely the addition of following chunk of text in the section concerning linking to authority files (chapter: CIDOC CRM and other frameworks). 
“It is also incompatible to use skos:exactMatch to link from CRM instances to authorities such as VIAF, ULAN and TGN. Authorities often define places and people as skos:Concept for classification in their discourses and assign a URI for each instance of skos:Concept. These URIs are instances of E41 Appellation. Therefore, it is recommended that instances of places and people should link to authorities with the property P1_is_identified_by.”

It was agreed that since any URI that stands for a thing in a knowledge base constitutes simultaneously an appellation for the thing, the text should be included despite implementers not liking it. And it should be explained more, if necessary. 
The sig (a) accepted  the addition of this text to the document, (b)    to substitute the annex on how to use P81a/b and P82a/b with the one discussed earlier, 
(c)    change the date of the text to the current (October, 23 2020) and set its version to 1.1
(d)    close the google doc, 
(e)    and update and close the issue 443
Issue 443 closed

October 2020