Issue 44: Modeling States

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At the DELOS harmonisation meeting with ABC/Harmony in Darmstadt recently, the notion of "states" came up, and it became very clear that this central aspect of the ABC/Harmony model was not really addressed by the CRM at all. For example, how would we model an assertion that an object O was at a location X at time T? The CRM can model a change of location event, but this is not exactly the same. Do we need to be able to model states in the CRM? I don't know, but it would make harmonisation with the ABC model a lot easier, so it's certainly worth adding to the list of issues.

Old Proposal: 
  • Use Periods for situations and states involving the presence of people and objects(move link participated in and occurred in the presence of to Period.
  • Generalize the notion of Condition States
  • Introduce untargeted activities and situations as subclasses of Period parallel to Event.
  • Change the scope note of Event.

Proposal Monterey 22/2/2002.

Current Proposal: 

Situations should not be included in the CRM. Extension guidelines to be given for those dealing with Situations.

Accepted in Copenhagen 3/7/2002. Issue open until guideline exists.

Issue remains open.
Oxford 7/10/2003 

Leave the issue open until a real application case emerges. 
Heraklion 21/04/2004

CRMSci provides a model of State. When CRMSci is accepted, the issue is closed. 
30th crm-sig meeting, Hague, 2014