Issue 436: Broaden scope of P125

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Posted by Thanasis Velios on 9/10/2019


Conservators use a range of materials for their treatments. The treatments can be modelled as "E7 Activity" and the "P125 used object of type" describes things used during the activity. The scope note only

refers to objects (i.e. solid human-made things). It would be useful if the scope of this property could be broader to also include non-solid things such as fluids (e.g. the use of a type of solvent for cleaning).

Unless this can be described in another way I suggest to change the scope note of P125

from: This property defines the kind of objects used in an E7 Activity, when 
the specific instance is either unknown or not of interest, such as use of "a hammer".


This property defines the kind of physical things (solid and non-solid)  used in an E7 Activity, when the specific instance is either unknown or  not of interest, such as use of "a hammer" or the use of "toluene".

The alternative would be to create a new property in CRMsci to include

types of Material Substantial, but given that the range of P125 is only  E55 Type, the nature of the thing can be easily retrieved and I do not

think a new property is necessary.

Any other suggestions?

All the best,


Posted by  Robert Sanderson on 10/11/2019  

Given that it’s not a change to the domain or range, only to the scope of the sorts of things that the range can then be applied to, it seems easiest and well justified to change the scope note to allow further types.

Is there scope for other physical (non-solid, non-liquid) phenomena to be included as well? The multispectral photograph’s production used_object_of_type <blue light> ?


Posted by  Martin on 10/11/2019  

Dear All,

I support the broadening to materials in general. It always implies a certain portion of the respective material has been employed or applied, even it was never document as an object out of this context.

I do not support "used: blue light". I would document that as technique, not as object used. There is no need for a new property or scope note to do that.



Posted by Martin 11/10/2019

The case described by Thanassis should be documented with P126. Isn't it??

      P126 employed (was employed in)

Domain: E11 <#_E11_Modification> Modification

Range: E57 <#_E57_Material> Material

Quantification:    many to many (0,n:0,n)

Scope note: This property identifies E57 Material employed in an E11 Modification.

The E57 Material used during the E11 Modification does not necessarily become incorporated into the E24 Physical Man-Made Thing that forms the subject of the E11 Modification.


§ the repairing of the Queen Mary (E11) employed Steel (E57)

§ distilled water (E57) was employed in the restoration of the Sistine Chapel (E11)

In First Order Logic:

                            P126(x,y) ⊃ E11(x)

                            P126(x,y) ⊃ E57(y)

Posted by Thanasis Velios on 11/10/2019

Having said that, maybe P126 should go a step up to E7 Activity, as I think that the use of a material during an activity does not always result in modification. Not more that the use of an object anyway.




In the 45th joint meeting of the CIDOC CRM SIG and SO/TC46/SC4/WG9; 38th FRBR – CIDOC CRM Harmonization meeting, the sig discussed the proposal put forth by TV to either broaden the scope of P125 used object of type to include material-types (aside object types) or to introduce a new property in CRMsci such that it replicates P125, with the difference that its range would be compatible with instances of S10 Material Substantial and   decided against both options, as the range of P126 covers instances where what is of interest is not the type of object, but the kind of material used.

Furthermore, the sig decided to close this issue and assigned TV (HW) to start a new issue on broadening the scope of P126 employed (was employed in) [D: E11 Modification, R: E57 Material], by changing the domain of the property to E7 Activity –assuming that there are examples justifying the change; i.e. instances of Activities requiring the use of a specific type of material, where the activity type is not an instance of E11 Modification.

The issue closed.

Heraklion, October 2019