Issue 381: website improvements FAQ, model & resources section

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In the 41st joined meeting of the CIDOC CRM SIG and ISO/TC46/SC4/WG9 and the 34th FRBR - CIDOC CRM Harmonization meeting, the  discussions on issue 288 raised new Issue about site  Improvements:

(i) the sig decided that the FAQ questions  make no sense. The documents of this category should be moved to a different category called ‘Best Practices’. This would go under the current ‘model’ section. We could retain an FAQ section but in that case, we need to see it from the new / end user point of view. What are they looking for in an FAQ? The present FAQs are more advanced modelling. This homework is assigned to GB and RL.

(ii) In the model section, the model should be added. 

(iii) we need  a proposal to review the structure of the resources section. Make extension documents and models more directly accessible through main site.


Lyon, May 2018



Current Proposal: 

Posted by Richard Light on 1/11/2018

I'll kick this issue off by floating suggestions of a few possible FAQs.  Hopefully these will trigger thoughts of other (and better) questions which we could answer. At this stage I'm not even suggesting what the answers might be.
1. Is the CRM a data model?  If not, what is it?
2. The CRM comes out of the museum community. How widely can it usefully be applied?
3. How do I use the CRM to compare two different data standards?
4. Can I use the CRM to compare different ways of recording data values (dates; people's names; etc.)?
5. Can I use the RDF expression of the CRM in conjunction with other ontologies?

Posted by Martin on 3/11/2018

Good questions!

What about:

* How do I enter data in a CRM-compatible form?
* Can I use only a small part of the CRM?
* I have a special collection, can I use the CRM?
* Where can I get a CRM-compatible system?
* How easy it is to migrate my system into a CRM-compatible one?
* What is the benefit of having data in a CRM-compatible form?


Seeing as the content of the FAQ has been moved to the sections *Use Cases* and *Best Practices*, the CIDOC CRM Group of editors decided to close this issue. There will be no FAQ section on the CIDOC CRM website. 


9 June 2021