Issue 352: Administrative Issue about CIDOC CRM-SIG membership

Starting Date: 

On 39th CIDOC CRM-SIG meeting, the issue of updating the members list on the CRM SIG website was discussed. George Bruseker presented a plan to contact existing members and ask them to review their member information so that an updated list of the CRM membership could be added to the present site. The list of descriptors for describing the member institutions and their representatives was shown. The reason for updating the membership list was presented to give an up to date picture of the member community. The proposal was:  

(1) have list of institutions and representatives who have been members, 

(2) send email to confirm their membership and details

(3) Publish this list on the website (not just a list but also icons of orgs, maps of where they are, even little description of how they are crm involved).

The SIG voted in favour in taking this action. 

This task is assigned to George Bruseker

Crete, October 2017.


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