Issue 292: Is EDM compliant with CRM?

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Posted by Martin    on  2/10/2015

Dear All,

My understanding was so far, the Europeana supports
CRM as a valid application profile, which would mean that
Europeana should accept input in CRM form, as an extension, and
not that EDM id directly CRM compatible.
As a fact, mapping CRM instances to EDM preserves the basic event structure, which allows for a minimal representation of history, and
all provenance models.

In the attached:

I read that
"We maintain EDM is an open process, not a one-directional movement. EDM would not exist without the contributions of our data and academic partners! In the past years, task forces within the EuropeanaTech community have played a crucial role; for example for hierarchical objects, sounds, and compliance with other modeling approaches like CIDOC-CRM or FRBR. "

I understand compliance as being different from supporting an extension
covering CRM core elements.

I propose to examine in the next meeting the interpretation of EDM compliance with respect to ISO21127:2014

Current Proposal: 

In the 36th joined meeting of the CIDOC CRM SIG and ISO/TC46/SC4/WG9 and the 29th FRBR - CIDOC CRM Harmonization meeting, the sig discussed the  interpretation of EDM compliance with respect to ISO21127:2014.

Athina has collected the info about the equivalence statements that they gave. Group reading of the claim on the website concludes that they do not claim that  they are compliant (at this point on the website). They rather say that they were working towards compliance with the modelling methodology. Athina underlines that they suggest a certain level of compliance given that they make tables were they indicate equivalent classes and relations.

The sig decided that a mapping of EDM to CRM should be published by the sig in the following formats: (a) X3ML , (b) text and (c)  graph representation. These will be created by Athina and will be presented in the next SIG.

Heraklion, 1/8/2016