Issue 215: Virtual identities

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In the 25th CIDOC SIG meeting and the 18th FRBR-CIDOC CRM Harmonization meeting, during the discussion about Persona of FRAD, it was proposed the scope note of E74 Group of CIDOC CRM to be extended in order to cover the virtual identities.

Heraklion, Crete

Current Proposal: 

Patrick will elaborate the scope note of E74 
Amersfoort 20/11/2012 

Patrick send an email on 5/12/2012 

E74 Group 

Subclass of: E39 Actor 
Superclass of: E40 Legal Body 

Scope note: This class comprises any gatherings or organizations of two or more people that act collectively or in a similar way due to any form of unifying relationship. In the wider sense this class also comprises official positions which used to be regarded in certain contexts as one actor, independent of the current holder of the office, such as the president of a country. A joint pseudonym (i.e., a name that seems indicative of an individual but that is actually used as a persona by two or more people) is a particular case of E74 Group.

A gathering of people becomes an E74 Group when it exhibits organizational characteristics usually typified by a set of ideas or beliefs held in common, or actions performed together. These might be communication, creating some common artifact, a common purpose such as study, worship, business, sports, etc. Nationality can be modeled as membership in an E74 Group (cf. HumanML markup). Married couples and other concepts of family are regarded as particular examples of E74 Group.

* the impressionists 
* the Navajo 
* the Greeks 
* the peace protestors in New York City on February 15 2003 
* Exxon-Mobil 
* King Solomon and his wives 
* The President of the Swiss Confederation 
* Nicolas Bourbaki 
* Betty Crocker 
* Ellery Queen 


The scope note is accepted. The issue is closed. 
CRM-SIG, Stockholm, June 2013 accepted