Issue 157: Digitization process

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The question was "The measurement ends up to a dimension?"
Copying text by someone and copying text by a machine are the same? Also rendering a text has a mechanical interpretation. This poses a question about dimension and its nature. Martin suggested to see the other models what they support, to extend the notion of dimension or to modify the definition of dimension and to put on the website and to observe the reactions.

Stephen said we should modify the definition of dimension to include things like digital images, points in coloured space, vectors etc. Also we need to review this with DOLCE.

We continued the discussion about "how we combine the notion of FRBR with provenance?" and "how library deals with the recursive provenance?". Then we tried to find examples for the provenance from "scientific work" notion.

Current Proposal: 

Extend the definition of dimension to include things like digital images, points in coloured space, vectors etc and to produce cases and examples.

Stephen will rewrite the definition and give examples and then we will circulate these by end of
Martin will check what DOLCE says on such matters

Edimburgh 9-11 July 2007

E54 Dimension

Subclass of: E1 CRM Entity
Scope note:

This class comprises quantifiable properties that can be measured by some calibrated means and can be approximated by values, i.e. points or regions in a mathematical or conceptual space, such as natural or real numbers, RGB values etc.

An instance of E54 Dimension represents the true quantity, independent from its numerical approximation, e.g. in inches or in cm. The properties of the class E54 Dimension allow for expressing the numerical approximation of the values of an instance of E54 Dimension. If the true values belong to a non-discrete space, such as spatial distances, it is recommended to record them as approximations by intervals or regions of indeterminacy enclosing the assumed true values. For instance, a length of 5 cm may be recorded as 4.5-5.5 cm, according to the precision of the respective observation. Note, that interoperability of values described in different units depends critically on the representation as value regions.

Numerical approximations in archaic instances of E58 Measurement Unit used in historical records should be preserved. Equivalents corresponding to current knowledge should be recorded as additional instances of E54 Dimension as appropriate.

  • the height of silver cup 232
  • The RGB value matrix of my digital image IMG_0025 from 4-5-2007
  • the wingspan of my stuffed chaffinch Fringilla coelebs Linnaeus, 1758
  • the calibrated C14 date of bone splinter AC-1983-04532
  • The number of coins in the silver hoard XXXX
Properties: P90 has value: E60 Number
P91 has unit (is unit of): E58 Measurement Unit
Crete 12 May 2008