Issue 130: FAQ required to deal with availability of the standard. Possible use of core standards. Local publication. Keep it available in a slightly different format on the website.

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This issue was proposed during the examination of the now closed issue 57 as a follow up issue in the 9th SIG meeting. Possible use of core standards. Local publication. Keep it available in a slightly different format on the website.

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We should send an email to Nick Crofts about the availability of CRM.

Edinburgh 10/7/2007


Availability of ISO standards

ISO standards can be purchased directly from ISO via the online catalogue:

ISO standards are priced according to the number of pages. ISO 21127, at 108 pages costs 202.00 CHF. If is available in English and French either as a printed document or as a PDF file.

ISO standards can be adopted as a national standard by a national standards body such as ELOT in Greece or DIN in Germany. In this case the standard may be translated into other languages and can be obtained directly from the national organisation.

All ISO publications are protected by copyright. Therefore and unless otherwise specified, no part of an ISO publication may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, microfilm, scanning, without permission in writing from the publisher.

A limited number of rights are given to customers when they purchase a standard. When a standard is ordered in electronic format from an online store, these rights are described in a license agreement which the customer has to read and accept before being authorized to download the requested document. Typically, the customer is allowed to print one copy only and is not authorized to make copies or transfer the electronic file which he or she has purchased, or reproduce parts of it.

However, ISO offers many different options to standards users when they need to make more extensive use of the content of standards. These include: making additional electronic copies, printing multiple copies from one electronic file and extracting parts of a standard for inclusion in the company's internal documentation, user' guide or manuals. To find out how to obtain any additional rights or if you have any questions relating to copyright, please contact ISO or your national standards organisation.

A brochure stating the ISO position on copyright issues is available (free of charge) from

Heraklion, May 2008