Issue 496: Types for p2 has type

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Posted by Martin on 25/6/2020

Dear All,

I'd like to raise a new issue, how to make recommendations for the types we recommend in scope notes. Should we create a terminology file in SKOS, which may be incorporated in whatever vocab?


Current Proposal: 

In the 48th CIDOC CRM and 41st FRBR CRM sig meeting (virtual), the sig reviewed MD's HW and questioned about making recommendations specifying the minimal vocabulary to be used in each case. 
Finally the sig  decided to assign HW to sig members –interact with Linked Art and other communities using the CRM, to formulate the minimal requirements for restricting the appropriate types. HW assigned to  GB communicate with RS / Linked Art and point to the direction of what has been decided so far. TV &, MD will contribute too.

October 2020

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