Issue 50: Use of the has type property

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Users find it difficult to comprehend the meaning of Type

Old Proposal: 

A specific document to be prepared, which details on the theoretical background, the constraints implied by a compatible use of types and practical examples. A specific notation for referring to types equivalent to CRM entities must be developped.

The text provided by NC is good but the numbering system is confusing. Decision on numbering to be deferred until October meeting

Current Proposal: 

I propose not to include in the formal definition of the CIDOC CRM a formal theory about the "has type" property. I believe, that a more simplistic formulation is suited better for the community we address with the standard. Nevertheless, a formal theory can provided at any time as an accompanying document.


This is dealt with adequately in the paragraph on Types within the Introductory Text of version 3.3.2.

Proposal 2 accepted.

Rethymnon 22/10/2002