Issue 499: Change the cardinality of P160

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On virtual meeting of CIDOC CRM editorial team for version 7.0  on 2/6/2020 

The editorial team reviewed the  decision of the 46th sig meeting on issue 483 during the next virtual meeting and proposed 

(a) to NOT delete the following paragraph
"Consequently, an instance of E4 Period may occupy a number of disjoint spacetime volumes, however there must not be a discontinuity in the timespan covered by these spacetime volumes. This means that an instance of E4 Period must be contiguous in time. If it has ended in all areas, it has ended as a whole. However, it may end in one area before another, such as in the Polynesian migration, and it continues as long as it is ongoing in at least one area"
(b) to change the cardinality of the temporal projection property of STV → P160 [it’s one to one and has to change]

The crm-sig on 26/2/2020 accepted  the above (a) & (b)

June 2020