Issue 415: Missing inverse of P189

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Posted by Robert Sanderson on 5/4/2019

Dear all,

In the 6.2.4 PDF, there isn’t a definition of the inverse property of P189 approximates.  One would imagine P189i is approximated by.

Given that the relationship has a direction (A approximates B), and in Geo this would be between Declarative and Phenomenal Places, this seems like an oversight? Or am I missing something about the relationship that means an inverse is not necessary?

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Posted by martin on 5/4/2019

Dear All,

It's an oversight indeed!

PLEASE VOTE YES, if you agree with P189 approximates (is approximated by).

Posted by Thanasis Velios on 5/4/2019

Yes, sounds reasonable to me.

Posted by Robert Sanderson on 5/4/2019

In case it wasn’t obvious, a definite YES from me 

Posted by Øyvind    on 6/4/2019

Yes; good you spotted it!



Posted by  Christos Papatheodorou  on 6/4/2019


Posted by Steve Stead on 6/4/2019

A “Yes” from me.

Posted by Christian-Emil on 6/4/2019


Posted by George on 6/4/2019


Posted by Mélanie on 23/4/2019

Yes, thank you Robert for spotting it.