Issue 331: Economic values of objects

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Posted by Martin on 21/3/2017

Following Robert's proposals, I propose a second, separate issue:

What are the research queries needing to model object value sharing, besides the fact of multiple ownership?

How to model object values, where to note or model value shares.
How do values evolve over time? What are the events affecting value sharing?

Some use cases by Robert:
* Two dealers (Knoedler and Goupil) jointly pay for a painting, and later jointly share the profits (or loss!) when it’s sold
* A donor donates 10% of the value of an object each year for 10 years (to spread out the tax write off)
* A married couple divorce and agree to have half share in the value of their statue
* The children of the owner inherit an equal share of the valuable manuscript on the owner’s death

Question: does the donation change anything of the values and value sharing? Is the value reevaluated each year? 

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