Issue 191: Range of P31

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Dear All,

I received the following question:

"I tried to model link to E18.Physical_Thing from conservation treatment with the P31F.has_modified property (or sub property of P31F.has_modified) but I run into conflict because P31F.has_modified property has as range E24.Physical_Man-Made_Thing and not a E18.Physical_Thing."

Our point of view was, that Modification would render a thing man-made. I fear this is wrong. If a thing would change nature due to such an intervention, it should be regarded as a Production/transformation. This is in conflict with the definition of modification, not to change the nature of the thing.

Martin 28/7/2010 (by email)

Old Proposal: 

I propose to relax the range of P31F.has_modified to E18.Physical_Thing 28/7/2010 (by email)

Martin will find more arguments
Crete, May 2011 

The issue remains open until we found enough evidence from the archives 

28th CRM-SIG meeting, Stockholm 7/6/2013