Issue 183: E75 Conceptual Object Appellation redundant

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Is E75 needed at all in the model? Is there any association with E15 Identifier Assignment?

Patrick Le Boeuf 

Helsinki 28/1/2010

Current Proposal: 

E75 is needed to document that the specific form of an instance of Appellation points to one or more instances of E28. Any instance of E75 may be also an instance of E42, and hence qualify for E15....
It is decided to create a subproperty of P1 to connect E28 with E75, P149 is identified by: E75 

Nuremberg, 20/12/ 2010 

P149 is identified by (identifies)

Domain: E28 Conceptual Object
Range: E75 Conceptual Object Appellation 
Subproperty of: E1 CRM Entity. P1 is identified by (identifies): E41 Appellation 
Quantification: many to many (0,n:0,n)

Scope note:This property identifies an instance of E28 Conceptual Object using an instance of E75 Conceptual Object Appellation.

The German edition of the CIDOC CRM (E73) is identified by ISBN 978-3-00-030907-6 (E75) 

Reviewed on Crete, May 2011


The following definition of P149 goes into CIDOC ver 5.0.3
Crete May 2011